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Kolektif House Event  2022

Yeni yılı  yeni iş yaşamları ve yeniliklerle karşılıyoruz. 

Uğur Durak  "Yeni Dünya'da Sakin Ol, Yeniden Düşün"

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Wednesday 24 Nov - Wednesday 24 Nov

Webinar - Introduction to Strategic Planning

This course with Shelagh goes beyond encouraging you to familiarise yourself with your employer’s strategic plan.

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Saturday 8 Jan - Saturday 8 Jan

E v e n t s

Save the Date 8 Jan 2022

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Saturday 26 Mar - Saturday 26 Mar

25th International Training Day 2022, INNOVATION

A day of Innovation and Creativity all in Fun and dynamic style as only our two trainers can deliver.

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Saturday 29 Apr

26th International Training Day 2023

More to come - stay tuned. Venue is Cyprus.

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Friday 27 Oct - Friday 27 Oct

49th International Annual Conference 2023

More to come - stay tuned. Venue is Cape Town, South Africa.

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Thursday 28 Mar - Friday 29 Mar

27th International Training Day 2024

More info to come - stay tuned. Venue is Rome, Italy. Dates are preliminary.

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